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Greeting Cards & Calendars

Turn your photos into Greeting Cards or Calendars

Supply us with a photo and we can turn it into a folded greeting card.

Go one step further and get us to add text to your card for a little extra

Let us go all the way and we will make a unique card design from scratch.

Birthday Cards, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas, Bereavement.


We have a calendar template that gives your images a really nice presentation
as a calendar format.  We have 3 types of calendars ready to be personalised with your own photos:
1) A4 "Tear off" calendar - one A4 sized photo laminated at the top with each month plastic bound
    at the base, you tear off each month as the year goes by.  From $10ea*
2) A4 "Flip over" calendar - personalised cover design, up to 13 photos (one for each month,
    plus one for the cover).  Each month is on an A4 portrait page, wire bound at the top with a
    calendar hanger so the finished month is flipped over to display the next month. 
    These are printed onto a professional glossy paper.  From $16ea*

2) A3 "Flip over" calendar - as above but a larger A3 size.  From $20ea*

*plus an additional $5 setup fee for the first calendar.  Give us a call for a special price if you are doing more than 10 calendars.