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Plan Printing

Our plan printer allows us to print and copy up to 914mm wide and approximately 3m in length.
This means we can print or copy your architectural plans, boat plans, family trees, aeroplane plans. 
This copier is suited to lines and drawings rather than photos or highly detailed images. 
We can enlarge and reduce in 1% increments so if you let us know the required measurements of the copy, we can work out the enlargement or reduction for you.
You can supply us with an original to copy or provide a digital file to print.
We have several construction companies and builders who leave sets of tender documents here for Sub-Contractors to come and look at for pricing. 
Come in to our shop and you can see a list of all tender documents we currently have. 
As the original plans are kept behind the counter until requested, they are always neat and tidy and we get all subs to put them back in order once the copying has been completed.
If you are a company who would like us to hold a set of your plans for your sub-contractors to quote on, please Contact Us

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